Director Message

Dear Student,

Each year lakhs of students appear for these TOP exams (IAS,RAS,PCS,UGC NET, LECTURESHIP,JUDICIAL..)and few fortunate individuals get what they want. In other words, there are hundred way to fail and a few to get success.

The most important thing in these exams is to know what not to read. What actually happens is like this, Fresh candidates go on buying books until their rooms turn into library. With mounting failures each year they rush for an institute. By that time they are too late. This is a sure way towards failure.

When you join us, We give you a plan for the whole year and planning is half victory. Each year we come across adamant students who believe in themselves and claim about their strengths. They ultimately fail and are nowhere once results are out. Yes, beliefs can be misplaced and can kill your chances of selection. If you trust yourself it’s good but if you don’t trust your genuine & capable guide, you are nowhere. We are here to show you the mirror so that you realistically assess yourself & your abilities. Our faculty will help you at each stage and we will enable you to clear the exam.

Our faculty members are well qualified & expert with professional approach. If you still find any problem anywhere you can directly talk to us. We are here to improve you and this is our job. Your role as a student is very important for us. We want you to be very proactive & will informed about all areas.

We at Zenith are very sensitive about your needs as a student. Trust us and we will give you your final selection in Higher Exams. If you think its tough, then you are wrong. These exams are tough for unplanned, disorganized soldiers. With our vision, planning & hard work and of course your cooperation we will make your dream of getting selected in exams turn into reality.

We don’t make big claims but we just want you to attend our Classroom Coaching, go through our study manuals, talk to our students and you will know that this is the right place where your should be.

There are people who terrorise you and create myths about how difficult this exam is and the result is, You become uncertain about the outcome. This is one of the ways to failure. We tell you here that this exam is not for super brains. This exam isi for all about average people getting big success. You may be from a rural background, English or Hindi medium and you may have failed miserably in your academic career. Let me tell you it doesn’t get preoccupied with your past success or failure. Be prepare for surprises. And above all trust yourself & trust us.

We give you the Best Notes, Best Classroom Coaching and Best guidance. Leave your future in right hands and remember it’s in safe hands. What you can’t do for yourself. We will do it for you. And please contact me and give your ideas about any improvements you will like in your institute.

I thank all of our associates for allowing me the privilege of serving the society through your medium. Upon induction to the ZENITH, you become a part of a powerful force that propels you towards success. If you will too put your best efforts then I am sure that, together we can conquer any challenge we shall face in future.

So, ‘Are you prepared to run this country?'
Wishing & working for your success.
Sumit Arora